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Trends in Alumni Affinity Marketing & Beyond

Posted by John Fees on Wednesday, January 21, 2015, In : Affinity Marketing 

Most of my career has been involved with affinity marketing. Often the focus has been between affinity - what consumers care about, non-profits / universities and financial institutions such as banks, student lenders and insurance companies.

As a result, it is interesting for me to read, the annual CFPB report to Congress on college credit card agreements. The world of alumni collegiate marketing has changed and there may be implications for other affinity markets as well.

  • The number of higher ...

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Back to College - Changing Mindsets

Posted by Admin Admin on Tuesday, August 21, 2012, In : Trends & Society 
Seasons are important milestones in our lives.   Back to school is one of those seasons that I find useful to consider how things in the world are changing.  It is easy to consider that the grad students who taught classes 20 years ago are now being replaced by online courses taught by professors.  Is it better or worse - probably hard to tell. 

What is different is the mindset and insights of the students who arrive in any class.

A brief article in Inside Higher Ed by

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Future of Market Capitalism

Posted by John Fees on Tuesday, July 14, 2009,

This is a useful summary regarding the challenges facing capitalism. The timing of the Catholic Church suggesting a moral framework for market capitalism couldn't be better.  

In my view the recent failures of capitalism are not as much a failure of markets as a failure of morality.  The first place I start in evaluating companies and their potential is to understand the values behind the entrepreneurs.  If the only goal is money, then the purpose of the company will not likely endure or bene...

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