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The recent graduation season has made me reflect a bit more about the value of college to building both a life and career. The value of a higher education is much more than just increasing the skills or knowledge of a student. I firmly believe that a college education - particularly a liberal arts education - has tremendous value in shaping how a person thinks for a life-time.

How we think last a life time. The ability to see problems as opportunities. The ability to think complete thoughts - such as completing a complex math formula or formulating a view of a book or philosophy are useful to forming the basis of building an intentional life.

While some people (Peter Thiel) suggests that a college education may not be worth the investment, I view a college education as more than just a personal benefit but one, that when done right, can benefit an entire society.

I think this diagram (not sure who designed it first) is particularly useful to share with people of all ages. There are always tradeoffs between life and career choices, but completing a college education gives young people the insights and confidence that can serve them well for a lifetime.

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