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I was pleased to participate in a panel at the annual Invest Southwest conference last week in Scottsdale.   The conference was outstanding and included some outstanding companies that are seeking capital.  

Although the Arizona Republic covered the conference, it did not capture the enthusiasm or economic potential of the companies that presented.   See -

There are many outstanding characteristics of high potential ventures, but one of the most telling is the quality of their advisors.  This includes the advisors such as who they select as the firms attorney.    More importantly, it also includes the industry leaders who have embraced the founders or who the founder has convinced to provide guidance to them.  In my experience, the ability of a founder to admit they need advisors combined with the williingness of well connected and respected advisors to join a formal advisory board is one of the best factors that help determine the financial success of a business. 

There is no reason why geography should matter to structuring or attracting a talented group of advisors.   It is true that certain areas, including Boston and Silicon Valley, are rich with experienced veterans who can advise entrepreneurs.  However, increasingly places even as remote as Phoenix (the nations 5 largest metro area) have robust talent pools that can support high potential ventures and returns.

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