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These days we all have friends looking for a job.   The reality is this seems like a job-less recovery.   As a result, my recommendation to friends is to look for work, not a job.

What is the difference you say?   We all have work that needs to be done, but very few companies have jobs to hire.  It is the fulfillment of Free-Agent nation.   

My suggestion to friends is to:

a) name your work - buy a URL and use it for your email.   Don't expect to get work with an AOL, Yahoo or Gmail account.

b) create a web site on Yola that describes your skills, interests and capacity to contribute to an organization.   Use the blog, connect it to LinkedIn - and start promoting what you can do for others - examples of your work, observations on trends, insights on other good work

c) order business cards from VistaPrint or some other source that will give you an identity in public and during meetings.  This may actually be more helpful then a resume - as it is key to networking to find the work you desire.

d) update and maintain a LinkedIn profile.  More importantly - use it actively, join and participate in LinkedIn groups that have a connection to the work you can do or want to do for others.  Build your network of real contacts of people you have met and look for "gigs" in this environment.

All this activity may not lead to a job, but it will certainly help demonstrate your skills and shape a different view of the job market then what might otherwise happen when looking for a job.  

Most of all this activity will also help demonstrate your creativity, your writing and communication ability and the insights that you can contribute to organizations.    I believe it will provide some real momentum to your search for work and a new job.

Just my two cents on the changing world and the change we see in career paths.

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