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This is a wonderful message by an outstanding person and entrepreneur - Michael Lazerow - the cofounder of BuddyMedia.   I met Michael through his efforts to build UWire - which became to the college media market what the Associated Press to national journalists.  He has always been modest, funny and inspirational.  He is also brilliant and this video shows that he filled with gratitude and a mindset that sets him a part.

According to Mashable...

"Buddy Media is not a brand most consumers would recognize, but in the halls of social media and marketing, it’s a king. It connects major brands with their customers throughout all the major social media networks. Now, thanks to a $689 million acquisition, it’s set to become part of cloud computing and CRM giant (the deal should close later this summer). As Lazerow explains in the text accompanying the YouTube video, the clip is raw and emotional. However, throughout it, Lazerow doesn’t speak a single word. Instead, he tells his own remarkable story and a bit about the acquisition, via a keynote slideshow on his iPad. Lazerow, who has had a life-long heart condition is smiling during most of it, but he’s also clearly wiping away a tear or two as he reacts to some of what he’s sharing.

His main message, though, is not so much about the acquisition or his heart, but about fear and whether it’s holding you back. It’s clearly not hindering Lazerow"

Enjoy - and be inspired to live without Fear!

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