Remember to Say Yes to Invitations

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My friends know that I don't often attend morning or evening meetings.  My first priority is to support my family and be with them during the week, so I often say no to invitations to interesting events.   That said, this post from my friend and mentor, John Kobara (twitter @kekobara) posted a great article on his blog at is a great reminder to SAY YES.

"As I try to preach and practice: Make every effort to meet people. Go to events and gatherings with an open mind and most times you will encounter fascinating people. People who will reveal  something new to you about yourself. And more often than not, these ideas and people create opportunities in your mind and in your life. The opposite is even more true. When you limit yourself by not meeting people, hearing different perspectives, and ultimately not developing options and opportunities, your life can be so much less interesting and fulfilling."

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