The Big Short - the value of being an outsider

Posted by John Fees on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 Under: Entrepreneurship
I have enjoyed reading The Big Short by Author Michael Lewis.   I recommend the book to everyone,  not to learn about CDO's or even the money laundering machine that was built on Wall Street, but to discover the value of being an outsider.   The value of being outside the system, immune a bit to the group think of heards / of the momentum of markets.   Maybe that is why it is good to live in Omaha or other places where you can get perspective on how to create real value and identify opportunities.

I think the same applies not just to investing, but for entrepreneurs.  I particularly like entrepreneurs who are new to markets and consequently outside the group think that also happens in an industry.    Read on or view the link below for more insights on the value of being an outsider.

On Wall St's Delusion - CBSNews

Former trader-turned author Michael Lewis writes about a handful of Wall Street outsiders who realized the subprime mortgage business was a house of cards and found a way to make millions betting against it.

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